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Arsenal then

The Arsenal of Zadar dates back to the 16th century.

This large port warehouse was expanded in 1752 under the rule of providur (overseer) Jeronim Marija Balbi, to which the inscription on the plaque on the front of the building testifies.

The tasks of the Venetian Arsenal were very demanding and of exceptional strategic importance for the survival and dominance of Venice, ˝the queen of the sea˝.

Its business encompassed the construction of ships for war and commerce and manufacturing weapons, rope and ship equipment.

Arsenal now

Arsenal’s unique fusion of the traditional and the modern makes it a must-visit place for all who wish to experience first-class entertainment with exclusive concerts, exhibitions and many other events.

Arsenal is located next to the city walls and the Muraj promenade, on the ˝Square of Three Wells˝ and in the immediate vicinity of the attractions Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun.

This multipurpose space stretches over an area of 1800 m2 and has been envisioned as an ˝indoor town square˝, while also acting as a cultural and conference centre with one-of-a-kind conditions for hosting various events.

Today, Arsenal is managed by the company Ilirija d.d., one of the twenty-or-so biggest tourism companies in Croatia that represent the backbone of the development of tourism in Croatia.

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