The Festival of Taste and Travel of 2017, launched by four young Croatian students, presented the news in Zadar Arsenal, which are waiting for us from 24 to 26 August in Zadar. This festival, though designed by very young people, proved to be an ideal platform for developing student ideas. This year’s Taste and Travel is the E@t conference that will introduce innovations in the food industry.

E@t: Food in the digital age is a global conference dealing with the trends that will reshape the future of the way that food influences the world. The conference will be held in Zadar in Ilirija’s Arsenal, Croatia from 24th to 26th of august 2017 as a part of the Taste & Travel Zadar festival, along with a number of other events and activities. The goal of the conference is to create a network of young people that will create the future of food and food related industries.

E@t themes:
Precision agriculture: sensors, drones and big data
Urban & vertical farming
New Ingredients

Food processing
Robotics and automation in food processing
3D printers for food
Big data and blockchain in food processing
Smart packaging

Food service, retail, e – commerce
Retail/super market of the future
Restaurant of the future
E-commerce and food delivery

Food waste
Circular food economy
Food waste management for better distribution of food
Products from food waste

Water: Oil of 4th industrial revolution
New technologies in water management

Lifestyle and nutrition
Personalised diets
Eating philosophy

The conference will have a relaxed and hedonistic setting with a focus on networking. Visitors can expect to see interesting food technology related innovation projects, have a great time at Zadar Craft beer festival and taste great dishes from the best Croatian chefs, all taking place as a part of Taste & Travel Zadar at the same time.

If you are interested in being a part of the conference by presenting your project or participating as a speaker, please contact

You can register for the conference at

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Stay tuned for more info on the speakers, conference programme, and special deals for E@t!