Gala evening at Arsenal as part of the Balkan Express Program | Arsenal Zadar

3 days- 3 nations

With the aim of educating and discovering new cultures and places with great tourism potential, an Italian tour operator Balkan Express has made a tour that consisted of a three-day trip to 3 nations with 150 agencies from all over Italy. The first day under this program ‘three educational days – three nations’, Balkan Express  included tourist trip to the beach Zrće, which is set with a long and detailed visit to the old part of the town of Novalja.

Biograd was also one of the places they visited, and its natural beauty and history has fascinated all travel agents! Through the hotel and catering house of Ilirija , they realized that Biograd has great potential as a tourist destination for many Italian guests during the summer months.

This is precisely the aim of Balkan Express Programm- to discover and study areas that are “hidden around the corner”, which are able to offer you peace, rest and relaxation, visualize a culture of life and discover a wide range of entertainment for tourists. The conclusion is that Croatia is able to meet all the needs of the Italian market requirements of their operators.

The road to discovering destinations led to a heritage monument of zero category- ilirija’s Arsenal, where a group of Italian agents and journalists 10/03/2017  enjoyed a gala dinner in the unique interior.

Research has continued and on 11th March when the group Balkan Express flew in Tivat in Montenegro before landing on Corfu in Greece, which marked also the last day of this extraordinary experience.

In the gallery you can see how they spent gala dinner in ilirija’s club Arsenal